Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yes, I'm underemployed

I've finally found the term for my job status: Underemployed. I wrote about it today on Go here for story.
It's a government term that means I'm not classified as unemployed, but seek work and can't find it and thus work part-time. It also applies to people with full-time jobs who have had their work hours cut to 35 hours or less per week. As I've written about many times on Unemployed Dad, I have about six part-time jobs of varying infrequency to help pay the bills. None offer health care.

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Anonymous said...

Good attitude!

If you, or your readers, want to know how to cover under-employment on your resume, send a note and I will write a post on the subject.

Tom said...

Just found your blog. I find myself in the same situation but not due to the economy but my own mistakes. I have learned a lot about myself and what I am willing to do for a job. I created a blog much the same as yours to detail what I am going through and the effect it has on me and my thoughts.

Great work. I look forward to continued reading of your blog and good luck to you.