Thursday, January 1, 2009


As I've said in previous posts, I'm not big into New Year's resolutions, but I plan on a few this year, one big, one small: Finding a career where I can have an impact, and being better organized.

I also want to make this blog more of a resource for the unemployed, and not just focus on my personal search for work. I want my job hunt to somehow help others by offering inspiration and methods for finding employment, and to also offer some humor into being unemployed.

To help do that, from time to time I may ask for your opinion on things, or suggestions you have. Many readers have been helpful with comments, and I appreciate them all. What are your resolutions, if any, for 2009 that have to do with either your job hunt if unemployed, or preparing for a future job hunt if you're now employed?

Someone recently commented on a WalletPop post that I should remember that when I do find a job, not to forget to continue all of the work that I put into finding it. Many people, myself included, started networking only after losing a job, and stop when they find a new one. With people losing jobs all of the time, not just once in a lifetime, that's a mistake I don't want to make again. I have a networking team that I helped organize through CPC Job Connections, and I'd like to strengthen it by having the group do more to help each other find jobs.

I've gotten off track. Anyway, please send me your resolutions for the new year. I'll write up the best of them in a post next week, and hopefully give all of us inspiration for change.

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Mark said...

Helping others while you are unemployed is a noble endeavor Aaron. I wish you and your readers the best of success in finding the right path.

The unemployment problem in the US is clearly a worsening one. A growing number of workers are competing for a shrinking pool of available positions. Some of these positions may be permanently eliminated or outsourced by cost conscious companies--- even in the event of an economic recovery. This landscape will dictate different approaches to one managing life's work.

What can one who is unemployed resolve to do? A short list of ideas would include learning to overcome fear, using extra time to help someone in even greater need, examining the feasibility of outsourcing their own services and becoming closer with God and their family. None of these ideas contribute to one's "job" search; however, they do contribute to a greater awareness of one's higher calling. Yes, unemployment is really an opportunity in disguise.

Here's wishing that 2009 brings light and hope to the unemployed where there is darkness and despair.