Monday, January 12, 2009

Rickey Henderson

I continue writing for, and today I wrote and blogged about Rickey Henderson on and his election to the baseball Hall of Fame. I wrote about how Henderson is an iconic baseball player for many Baby Boomers, and was my favorite baseball player growing up.

The work I do for is a volunteer job that will hopefully pay off some day with stock options if the Web site takes off. Until then, I work for the site for free. It's a way to get some clips and keep my hand in writing, although I'm doing plenty of writing for also.

I think everyone should find some volunteer work that they enjoy, and while my volunteering isn't for a non-profit in the true sense of the word, it's an area I'm interested in: Baby Boomers. One hope is that the volunteer work will lead to paying work. I did some volunteer work in November for a Bay Area Congressman being re-elected, and I'm now trying to get a job with a state senator. I think that experience helped me land an interview there, and my experience and training in journalism can only help.

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