Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time for a press release

I just sent this out as a press release to some Bay Area news outlets, trying to market myself as an unemployment expert worth talking to on the issue. We'll see if anything happens.

January 6, 2009
President-elect Barack Obama is proposing an economic stimulus plan that would add 3 million jobs over the next two years, but it's a shortsighted plan that won't add long-term jobs to the economy, says a San Francisco Bay Area writer for AOL's personal finance Web site,
Aaron Crowe's posts on hunting for a job, such as the Obama one at are insightful and Aaron can be your news organization's expert on unemployment. With more than 10 million Americans out of work, it's an audience you should reach. Aaron Crowe, a contributor at, a personal finance Web site, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and writes about his job search and offers tips and insight to the unemployed looking for full-time work.
Aaron was laid off at the Contra Costa Times, a daily newspaper in Walnut Creek, CA, in June 2008 after working there for 13 years as a copy editor and assistant metro editor. He has also worked as a copy editor and reporter at other California newspapers.
Aaron lives in Concord, CA and writes a daily blog at about his job hunt and how it affects his 4-year-old daughter. Topics he has written about on WalletPop and on his Unemployed Dad blog include how to get employers to call applicants back for a job interview, how to overcome the daily struggles of the job hunt, and the best ways to improve your skills and search for a job. He's still collecting unemployment while holding down seven various part-time jobs, all of which are infrequent. His wife continues working as a copy editor at the Contra Costa Times, working nights, when Aaron takes over childcare duties at home.
Aaron Crowe can be reached for interviews at:
925.482.5934 Mobile
925.680.2557 Home

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