Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Solar power story pitch letter

I'm trying to drum up more financial support for my story on solar power. Below is a letter that will soon be sent via e-mail to supporters. Feel free to donate
Dear supporters:
I've always been interested in solar power, even when I was a kid, and I've wondered why if the sun's rays are free, why doesn't everyone have solar energy? What could be better -- free energy? The hitch has always been the initial cost of buyng the solar panels, getting the system installed and such. Now, those costs are going down, making it more affordable, and there are other ways to get solar power cheaper: Aggregating with other homeowners, leasing from a solar company. That's why I made the pitch on to write this type of story.
To explore those issues and educate people on why in the Bay Area, which is known for its forward thinking, more people don't have solar power on their homes. I'm going so far as having a solar company come out and give an estimate on my home as an example for the story. So far I've talked with power officials, a company that offers to find solar installers for you at a good price for you and others, and solar installers themselves on the issues they're facing. I'm also about to reach some solar customers to find out how and why they went solar before the many others did. I plan to include photos and hopefully some video of an installation, in this story that will detail the pros and cons of going solar.
I appreciate any contribution you can make to this project. For more information on this story, please go to the post for it on and also look at my bio if you'd like to know my credentials for doing such work. Thank you.
Aaron Crowe

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