Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time running out

Time is running out for my unemployment benefits, at least the first 26 weeks of benefits. I've got about another month of money coming in, as my limited part-time work has allowed me to extend the 26 weeks of pay another month or so. Federal extensions are next, and I'll apply for it, but I'm working under the impression that the benefits are running out and I've got to find something. Anything. I've tried so many tactics, and am still trying more, but nothing has worked yet -- at least not for full-time work with benefits, which is what I want.

It seems that almost daily I'm adding up in my head how much money is coming in from part-time jobs, and how much longer until unemployment benefits expire, leaving us to either dip into savings, borrow or whatever other things we can think of to get by. Another part-time job that offers a steady, reliable income may be what we need now. Or soon.

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