Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weekdays off

It's no fun looking for a fulltime job, and it's no fun having that job search in the back of your mind constantly, and it's certainly not fun without a steady income. But it is fun to be able to take a day, or at least part of a day in the middle of the week, to go do something fun and avoid the crowds.

Friday, Emma and I went to Martinez to check out the snow city workers created, and we did a little sledding. On Tuesday, the whole family jumped on BART and went to San Francisco to look at the Christmas sights. We took a trolley, a cable car and walked all around the city. Beyond the joy of visiting San Francisco, it was great to get out on a weekday afternoon and not have to fight the weekend crowds. It was a peek into what life must be like for the rich or retired, but not something I want to keep going for much longer without a regular job.

Updates on job interviews: I called an executive about a second interview, and await a callback. At another job I'm applying for, the interview for Friday was called off by the employer after a work emergency forced some delays, and they expect to call me in the next week or so to reschedule. Let's hope it happens before Christmas.

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npd said...

Weekdays ARE wonderful, but that nagging thought about the job search...well, it is difficult to be joyfully unemployed, at the very least.

I keep thinking that all the unemployed are going to have to become entrepreneurs and start our own businesses--if we could only find that NEED that we could somehow fill. I've just about decided I need to put my two great loves together--reading and writing and start writing reviews or editing for hopeful writers. Hmm. Wonder how I can get that started?