Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is Santa hiring?

Santa Claus will be here soon. I hope he brings me a job. I hoped to hear back from a potential employer last week, and was told a hiring decision was expected by Christmas week. Everytime I wait and wait for a call, it means they've decided to hire someone else. I'm trying to keep my hopes up with the response that they're obviously busy with the holidays and that I'll get a call next week after Christmas.

I sent another potential employer a Christmas card today, reminding him that I'm still very interested in the job and hope we can meet soon for a second interview. I also have another job interview next week, so at least I'm talking with with people who can hire me.

One of my goals is to get multiple job offers, having employers competing for my services and allowing me to pick the best job. Although that doesn't mean I'd pick the best job based on pay. There are many other factors that rate higher.

So with this week of job hunting essentially lost to Christmas, and next week to New Year's, I don't expect too much to happen. I'm trying to enjoy the holiday and the time off, but as always, the voice nagging in the back of my mind to find full-time work soon is there.

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unemployeddad1 said...

Hi Aaron,

I know you are doing a great job in your interviews as you are very articulate, intelligent and experienced.

This is unsolicited advice, but you need to close your interviewers at the end of your interview. By close I mean agree to a next step with your interviewer. Once the interview is complete, ask them "trial close" questions like, "Based on this interview, do you think I am a good candidate for the role", or "What is the next step for us to move forward in the process", or "Do you see any strengths that would make me suited for the job, do you have any red flags" or even "Are you interested in hiring me".

Never leave an interview without knowing exactly where you stand, the waiting and uncertainty will hurt more than a no. Whenever I interviewed, and I didn't prefer a candidate I would say "We are reviewing other candidates", but if they pushed me for a no I would provide one. Why waste anyone's time. People respect candor.

Your interviewer has a good idea from the first three minutes if they are interested. Strike while the iron is hot and take charge of moving the process forward. If nothing else, you will earn their respect and walk from the interview, even with a no, not waiting on pins and needles for the phone to ring.

You may have to ask more than once, "If I'm a gambling man, looking at odds on the Vegas board, what are my chances of moving forward in this interview process?" Good luck.