Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Year in Review

My year in review:
June 26, 2008: Fully employed.
June 27, 2008: Unemployed.

Those are the highlights and lowlights of the year. There were birthdays, an anniversary, holidays, laughs, discoveries and many other things thrown in throughout, but those are the dates I'll remember most about 2008.

In an effort to remain optimistic, I bought an appointment book for 2009 that I plan to carry with me often and keep filled with things to do as I continue the job search in the new year. I'm not into making New Year resolutions, but the main one I have is to find full-time work and if not that, then continue doing everything I can and exploring every avenue in finding a new career. I hope you find what you want in 2009 and continue coming to Unemployed Dad for tips on finding the job you want.

Some of my posts will be moving to, such as this one on getting employers to call you back for an interview, which I've covered here before, but I'll always provide a link here to get to it easily. AOL is paying me for these, so that's where they're headed. Some will have the title "The Job Hunt" so they should be easy to find. Or just bookmark my entries, where I'll have plenty of job hunting posts. I'm looking forward to doing more work for them next year and getting more exposure for the blog and thus a job.

If you do nothing else on the final day of 2008, vow to make a change that will help you find a job, whether you're employed now or not. Join a network, acquire new job skills, update your resume, take a class, volunteer, buy a new suit, get organized. Do something.

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Celeste said...

Hi A.C.
Have you looked in to the arts/comm/media jobs at There are two openings right now at the law school, among others. I worked at UC Berkeley marketing & communications in a temp position for several months recently and the salary and benefits were good. Just an idea; drop me a line if I can help or make introductions.
Here's to 2009 --

Anonymous said...

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Miriam said...

Wow, that's a bummer to lose your job that way, but it is fantastic that you got back on your feet after a few tries. But luckily when me and my bro (best friend) got laid off, we got back up when we landed a job with the help of the technical recruiting agency some of my friends went at.

Due to the job market and the economy swings in different ways, you need all the skills you've got to grab the job you're yearning for, especially when there's a lot of competition. That's why I am totally lucky that both of us landed on one of the semiconductors careers being posted around.