Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why we work

Beyond paying the bills and keeping the electricity on, I'm always in search of a larger "why" in my job hunt. Why apply for this or that job? Why do I want to work full-time again? One answer is this video, which really doesn't have a purpose to it other than Emma dancing and repeating her preschool friend's name in it. Bear with it, it's a long 45 seconds, but the final shot of her sweet face is enough to keep me searching for full-time employment. It's why I can't think of taking a job outside of the country and leaving my family for awhile. It's why I wake up in the morning and try, try, try again to find a meaningful job that will be fulfilling and something I can enjoy and be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Aaron, you are a lucky man; enjoy every moment with your family.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Aaron -
Charlee wants me to let you know that she absolutely loves the video of Emma. She thinks that Emma is really cute, funny and misses her a lot.