Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go vote

A few notes on my last day of volunteering in a Congressional campaign:
* Calling undecided voters to remind them to vote on Election Day doesn't result in much feedback, other than getting answering machines to leave messages on.
* A senior center in Pleasanton didn't adequately mark that it was a polling place, so a few people from that neighborhood called our candidate's campaign headquarters to see if we could help. Myself and another volunteer drove out there with a new sign "Vote Here" that I taped to a bench outside. The only other visible sign was s 2-foot high American flag on the sidewalk that was blocked by a car, and a flag no bigger than your hand taped to a post outside the main door. Get signage, folks!
* A rumor (?) that text messages were being sent to some cell phones telling Obama supporters to vote Wednesday.
* It was fun listening to a campaign lawyer chew out election officials over the phone for not having provisional ballots available at some polling places.
* I asked the two communications people from Jerry McNerney's campaign to call me when they get time after today so we can talk about me getting a job for some member of Congress as a writer, spokesman, etc. We'll see what develops. I think I proved I can do what they needed, such as communicate.
Oh, and if you haven't done so already today, get out and vote.

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