Monday, October 20, 2008

Moving questions

As we prepare to fly out of Texas this afternoon, I contemplate some questions that many people must face when moving out of state. For me, these are some of the issues we will look into and think about as my job search continues:
* Even if you find a great job, what happens if it sours in a year, or sooner? Some jobs look great going into them, only to learn the many pitfalls once you've arrived. Moving from California to Texas, for example, is a big step and I wouldn't want to have to start a new job hunt after moving.
* How important is family and a support group when moving somewhere new? Most of my family lives in California, while some of Kris' relatives live in Texas and others in North Dakota and Minnesota. I think it's very important and I'm sure I'd be happy living in Texas, but am torn from leaving my home state.
* Weather. Texas gets very hot in the summer, which Kris enjoys, but I'm not a big fan of such heat and would have to have a backyard pool.
* Big city vs rural. We didn't get a chance to explore Austin, which we'd like to do, but much of what we've seen so far is rural, or at least what I'd call rural-suburban. Concord is definitely suburban, but we're near BART and can get to SF or Oakland in 45 minutes or less. And while we don't get to those cities as much as we'd like to with Emma so young, we look forward to taking her out to events in San Francisco when she gets older, and she already has some favorite landmarks. If we didn't live in Austin, we'd probably want to live close to a big city for all of the options it offers.
* Politics, etc. We're Obama supporters and have seen all McCain signs. That was expected. But Texas politics would be quite a change from California politics. It would also take some getting used to seeing cowboy hats and other Texas things, although I do like the state flag. And BBQ.


Anonymous said...

Decisions, decisions.

I moved from Honolulu, HI 15 years ago for school. I'm glad I made the move with the amenities CA has to offer, but I miss it dearly and I still consider it home.

Thanks for keeping it real with this entry.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron,
I never thought you'd consider leaving California, but I think it's smart. I've moved a lot. Let me share some insights. When you have family and friends all over, don't get too far from an airport! And the middle of the country is better -- you can get to California (and N.D.)much faster and cheaper from Texas than from Connecticut!

Don't sell your house right away. It will be much more difficult to return if you don't have that real estate. California is expensive. Really, really. It doesn't balance out. That's a crock that Californians keep telling people.

You get used to the weather. Acclimate is the word for a reason. But that's one thing that is not a crock: The weather here is fabulous.

There's so much more I could share! Let's talk for real soon.