Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Retiree bios

In the search for employment, if not a full-time job, I'm trying to increase my freelance business. I'm editing city newsletters, trying to find a way to get blogging to pay, and I'm now trying to drum up business at Rossmoor and other retirement communities by writing short biographies for people. I placed a small ad in the Rossmoor News, offering to write peoples' stories and bios as something they can give to their grandchildren, children, friends and family. It can be a few pages long or a short book. Few people ask their grandparents about their lives, and fewer get it on paper to save for generations to read later, so I thought this would be a good gift someone could give their family to remember them by.
Rossmoor is a retirement community in Walnut Creek, CA, and other than the ad I'm trying to figure out a way to maybe meet with a group of people there to propose this bio idea, or get the word out in a larger way. I'm also planning to visit a few retirement homes in the area. So far, no bites on the ad, but I keep plugging away.

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Godsgirl said...

That's a damn fine idea. I'm going to a Bible study where something like that was mentioned -- leaving a legacy, a story for your family. I will pass this along. .... I hope you aren't overcharging; many retirees' fixed incomes suck.