Thursday, September 11, 2008

Intro to Tales of an unemployed dad

This is my first foray into blogging, and I hope it will be a fun trip as I detail tales of unemployment in this lousy economy and of the people I meet in my search for a job. And I'll throw in daily dispatches in being an unemployed dad and and how that affects a 4-year-old, not pictured here but coming in a later post.

First a quick bio of me:

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and was laid off June 27, 2008 at the Contra Costa Times, a daily newspaper in Walnut Creek, CA. I was an assistant metro editor, meaning I worked with reporters on formulating and editing their stories. The job search has been humbling and encouraging at times, and this blog's aim is to document it and hopefully share some insight into finding work, and into raising a kid during the turmoil. After all, she, and my wife, are why the job hunt continues vigorously.


Tim Jousma said...

I'm married with 3 kids myself and have been in your place before to know what you're going through. Good luck on the job search. I know how the newspaper biz is going these days so good luck.

MikeyAnn said...

Came across your blog... Good Luck finding a job! There is someone who can help with that and He is more than willing! GOD :) Check out my Blog

Tom Sluis said...

Dear Mr. Crowe: I found God the last time I was unemployed. Now I'm unemployed again and I don't feel guilty at at all during my secret gay trysts, intravaneous drug use and my side job performing late-term abortions in my garage. I hope I never find a real job again. Yours in Christ, Tom.

Tom Sluis said...

P.S. Get your lazy ass out of the hammock.

Gina Gotsill said...

Thanks for the insight. The volunteering idea sounds like good advice for anyone looking for something new. Good luck on the job hunt.